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Top 5 Inexpensive but Adorable Handmade Easter Basket Ideas

Making your own Easter baskets can be fun especially if you have kids who love the egg hunt during this time of the year. Although you will find everything ready made for you in stores but there is a unique feeling of happiness attached to home projects you do with your kids. Here are a few cute Easter basket ideas for you to use to have fun with your kids.

1. Paper plate basket:

You can use the paper plates you have stored away in your kitchen to make beautiful Easter baskets. You will simply need some colored paper plates, stapler and decorations for your basket. Make a bunny head but be sure not to put in those heavy eggs in the basket. Marshmallow eggs may be your best choice.

2. Bunny pail basket:

If you have one of your kids pails lying around unused then this is the time to put them to use. If not, you can find a really affordable one at your local Dollar store. Pick a color you and your kid likes and all you need to do is to add a bunny face to it. Fill it with toys and candies and decorate well with inexpensive ribbons and googly eyes.

3. Cart Easter basket:

Most households are likely to have one of those toy carts that kids love to push around home imitating their grown-ups when they are at the super market. If you are making one for your baby then you could simply stuff the cart with baby stuff like bottles, colorful spoons, bibs, attractive teethers and other baby stuff.

4. Balloon baskets:

If you have ever seen one of those DIY videos on making a light fixture using one of those big gym balls, then this one should be familiar to you. It is easy to make and does not require a lot of skills either and yet the finished product may look stunning, even professional. You may use a balloon, some glue and crochet threads to make this basket. Different size balloons can be used for different baskets.

5. Soda bottle basket:

You can sue you soda bottle this Easter to make something fun for your kid instead of throwing it away. Cut the bottle towards the end to make a bowl out of the bottom portion and add a handle so that you little one can carry his eggs in them. Make sure to wrap the edges with tape to avoid hurting anyone.