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Spending Out of Proportion? Try These Smart Moves

You planned to spend only $1000 last month, but somehow – and you’re not sure how you ended up with $1250.

Does it sound familiar? Have no worry – this is a very common problem that most of us face while it comes to keeping a track of monthly spending. Many people blow their budget accidentally; they can’t even understand why and how they spend money.

Here are 3 excellent tips that you can follow to avoid such an incident.

1. Focus on big expenses – You should first concentrate on the 3 major and basic expenses of life – food, housing and transportation. In most cases, housing gobbles up almost 30% or even more of an individual’s paycheck. Therefore, chopping the housing cost – be it mortgage payment or high rent – by 1/3 or 1/4 would be wise and effective. For example, you can look for a roommate or downsize your home.
As the next step track how much you spend on transit. You may be spending more for car maintenance, gasoline or other costs than what you can realize. Why don’t you opt for carpool?
Finally it comes to food expenses. How frequently you dine out? Why don’t you carry lunch to work instead of buying food from outside?

2. Pay yourself – If you fail to save money, you’re perhaps spending at some places like hair spas, coffee shops or restaurants. As long as you consider savings as an afterthought, you can’t save anything.
Know your preferences. Whether you should spend on a pressing need or for a passing fancy – you need to decide that. To ensure significant savings each month, set up an automatic transfer from checking account to savings account at the beginning of the month. You can also ask your employer to transfer a part of your salary to checking account and a part to the savings account.

3. Avoid using credit card – Always try to pay in cash instead of using credit card and even debit card. It’s easy to part with $50 when all it takes is just an easy swipe of plastic and when the $50 bill comes directly out of your wallet, it will make you give a second thought about if the purchase is really worth. Every time you pause before your fork over hard cash, you will give yourself a chance to evaluate your spending requirements.

In a nutshell, one must value for money. Otherwise, running out of money will be just a matter of time.