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How to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Is your grocery bill burning a hole in your pocket? Have no worry! There are so many simple ways following which you can significantly slash the bill down in size. Here are some tips on how to curtail your grocery bill.

  • Be open to substitute – When you have a recipe that requires an ingredient that you don’t have in your kitchen, look for a substitute that you have. For example, if you don’t have baking powder, don’t rush to buy it. You can substitute your need with baking soda. It will save your dollars at the store and also space in your pantry.
  • Shop on sale – Start a stockpile and then only purchase grocery items when they are on sale. Big departments as well as manufacturers often offer discount on different items. Keep track of them.
  • Opt for ingredients rather than prepared meals – Boxed mixes and frozen dinners are convenient, but they are undoubtedly expensive. Try to buy ingredients that your need to make your favorite dish and prepare it at home. It will definitely slash your grocery bill significantly.
  • Switch to generic items – Start picking up generic brand for items like baking supplies, cereal and spices instead of branded products and you can save 25% or even more on your grocery bill.
  • Purchase discounted items – If you want to truely bargain, scour every corner of the store for discount-priced grocery items. Scratch and dent products, ultra-ripe produce, food at its near use-by date often come with reduced-price sticker.
  • Check drug stores – Why should you only depend on grocery stores only when you can get the same items like raisins, oatmeal, cereal, paper goods etc. at a drug store for cheaper price? Check the drug store and you may get such items for less.
  • Avail discounts – A sale is always nice. And when it comes with a rebate or a coupon, then it’s simply great. Look and make use of every chance to stack discount.
  • Shop at local stores – U-pick farms, farmer’s markets and local produce stands can be a great option for buying the best quality produce at minimum rates.
  • Buy meat on sale – Some sorts of sale is always there in the meat department. Focus on them and you can save up to 25% on your bill.

Discussed above are some wonderful and interesting ideas to save on your grocery bill. Make sure you check your bill before leaving the store. Bring receipt errors, if any, to the store’s attention and avoid paying extra.