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6 Exciting Ways to Improve Your Personal Finance in 2020

New Year is knocking at the door and this is the perfect time to refresh your personal finance. Whether you want to revamp your budget, review insurance or scale back spending habits – wait a moment and consider the steps discussed here.  You can improve your finances over next 12 months by simply following these steps.

  1. Fix your financial goals – Everyone has his or her own passion. To some people nothing is more stimulating than saving for a three-bedroom apartment, while others dream of taking a Europe tour. Whatever your dream is, you need to decide on your financial goal first so that you can work towards them effectively.
  2. Create a financial plan – As the next step, you need to create proper financial, rather a spending plan. Most people expend 2/3rd of monthly income on three basic requirements – housing, food and transportation. The rest is spent on making debt payments, investment and savings, household expenses, clothing and optional items like entertainment. Create a proper annual budget; allocate specific amount for each category.
  3. Track your expenses – You must keep track of every spending over at least a two-week period. It will give you an insight of unnecessary spending – from cab rides to dine out. You can use a pen and paper to write down your expenses or you can use online tools offered by different financial institutions to keep proper track of your daily spending.
  4. Avoid retailers’ temptations – Retail stores often entice people to spend money; this is their business tactic. But if you’re clued-up about this, you can better resist buying temptation. Reward cards, short term flash sales are some of the techniques retailers use to lure people. Being informed about these can make it easy for you to say ‘no’.
  5. Negotiate salary – While many people just feel themselves lucky for just having a job, you can ask for a salary hike if you have expertise and talent. If you have changed a job, got a promotion or felt that you’re underpaid in comparison to your peers – you should surely sit down with higher authority and ask for a raise.
  6. Earn from more than one source – In today’s economy, anyone can lose job or experience a salary cut. And that is the reason you must have a second income source; online marketplaces like Etsy or Fiverr could be a workable option for you.

Start following the step and you will definitely see remarkable and positive impact on your financial health by the end of next year.