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5 Useful Tips on Saving Money on School Supplies

Don’t let your kid’s school supply list upset you. You can save on all the school supplies that your kid needs to have.
Here are some simple and effective tips from the desk of America’s most popular same day loans platform, following which you can significantly save on school supplies.

  • Shop at home – Before you go to a store, have a walk around the home to check if there is any item on the list that you may already have. Equipments like pencil boxes, rulers, backpacks, water bottles, calculators etc. don’t need to be replaced every year. You can surely use them in the following year, if it is in good shape. You can also send your kid back to school with the free stuffs that businesses hand out.
  • Shop at price-matching stores – Your next destination should be a store that offers price-matching. 5-cent folders, 10-cent crayons – you can also shop at the stores that fight hard for your back to school dollars. Watch their weekly sales circular and pick out the best buys from respective stores. It is not required that you spend all your dollars at a single store; just get what you need and come out of the store.
  • Buy only if you need – While you’re in store, anything extra can be alluring and tempting – from colored pen to self-stick notes, from locker accessories to binders and the list stretches on and on. But unfortunately, your back-to-school budget may not support it. Therefore, you must avoid overspending and decide how much you will spend. You should also determine how you will handle your kid’s demands for non-essential before you head out to the store.
  • Personalize things – Go for basic items as they cost less than their fancy counterparts. Less fancy items are budget-friendly. Let your kid jazz them up with colorful doodles and funny stickers.
  • Go by quality – Though you should always look for inexpensive items, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality. Don’t blindly grab the cheapest items available. Spend some time looking at different things, their quality, materials used, usefulness, warranty etc. before you make final decision. Emphasize on durable things even they are not dirt cheap. For example, if you choose a spiral notebook, then check if it comes with a durable plastic cover.

Discussed above are some very useful tips that you can follow to save on school supplies for your kids.