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5 Budget-friendly Last Minute Vacation Tips

When it comes to booking a vacation on a short notice, it can really cost you big bucks. From airlines to hotel booking and car rentals – everywhere you’re likely to be charged a hefty amount if you book last minute. But with a little carefulness and usage of right tools, you can surely grab exciting and inexpensive vacation deals even at the last minute though it is always recommended that you book your vacation sooner rather than later.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your last minute vacation plan.

  1. Select a destination wisely – First of all, you need to choose a destination which will be ideal for last minute travelers and easy on your pocket. By selecting the right destination you can save a bundle. As per a report by 2014 Hotwire Travel Value Index, Atlanta, GA is the top budget holiday destination in the United States. Some great travel discounts can be availed here. The other destinations on the list are Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth.
  2. Be flexible if you plan to fly – Airlines usually charge higher for seats as the planes fill up and that is the reason why last minute flights are pricey. Choosing the right day to fly would help you fit within budget. Avoid traveling during weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best day for flying in terms of ticket fare, while Friday and Sunday are the busiest and thus the most expensive days. The time of the day when you’re flying can also determine how much you need to pay. Leaving early in the morning or late at night is always better for the last minute travelers.
  3. Grab money saving deals – Being open to accept great vacation deals can also help you save big bucks. There are many travel sites that keep offering different deals throughout the year; but remember that the deal available on one day may not be available on the next day. So a delay may cost you. You can also follow different travel sites on social networks like Facebook and Twitter through which they offer deals to steal.
  4. Be reasonable about hotel rooms – Like flight fares, hotel rooms can also be expensive at the last minute. Don’t blow all your money on a hotel. Planning your vacation in July through August can be less pricey as these two months are considered to be off season. You may find up to 60% discount on booking hotel rooms during these months. Also, don’t be stubborn about big brand hotels. Small hotels too offer great service at reasonable rates.
  5. Cruise around – If you love spending time on water, booking a cruise can be the ideal option. You can find some exciting money-saving deals as the cruise lines try to fill their vacant cabins. Cruise fares usually include meals, accommodations and entertainment.

Discussed above are some great deals that can help you plan your last minute vacation on budget.