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20 Exciting and Effective Daily-life Money-saving Tips

Running out of money at the end of every month? Well there are so many ways following which you can trim a few bucks from the budget.

  1. At the outset, you need to budget. This is the key to good financial planning. Let your budget help you control your spending and saving habits.
  2. Pay off all outstanding debts as fast as you can. By doing this you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on interests.
  3. Curtail extra expenses. For example, paint your toenails instead of getting pedicure. Instead of buying coffee out, get it at home.
  4. Bundle all errands into a massive weekly trip to save on fuel cost.
  5. Do you actually want to see 500 channels? If the answer is ‘no’, then minimize cable TV subscription package. You can do the same with your Internet connection, if feasible.
  6. Being a homeowner, try to find out ways to lower monthly payments by refinancing your mortgage.
  7. If you pay mortgage insurance and think that you have enough equity to waive mortgage insurance, call your lender and initiate the process.
  8. Don’t throw away receipts. Whatever you buy, keep the receipts in a file. You may need them if anything breaks.
  9. Reduce the frequency of dining out. With this, you can save as much as 100 USD or even more per month.
  10. Try to reduce cell phone usage to the lowest required amount. To do this, you can set an automated calendar reminder and check minute usage 4 days prior to the bill is due. It will help you to decide whether or not you need to change existing plan to avoid extra charges.
  11. Maintain and service your car regularly. It seems to be an extra expense, but it will help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.
  12. Instead of buying from retail stores, buy grocery items in bulk from wholesale stores.
  13. Shop at thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist or eBay instead of big brands.
  14. Teach your children to value for money. Teach them to save money.
  15. Look for a fuel efficient vehicle and sell your old gas-guzzler. If you live in a place where good public transportation is available, commute by bus or on the subway.  You can also think about becoming a one-car family.
  16. Plant some shade trees around the house to save on air-conditioning cost.
  17. Slow drain of energy cost significantly but we often ignore that. Flip power socket switch off while they are not in use. Don’t keep appliances plugged in when you are not using them.
  18. Have membership at nearby library; avoid buying books from the bookstores.
  19. Play ball in the park with your kids or have a family picnic. It would cost less than buying tickets to zoo, amusement park or movie.
  20. Check online prices before you buy something from a retail store. Online stores often offer discounts.

These are just a few of many means that you can follow to save on your regular budget.